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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Data Chips - Add More Paint series

Data Chips is one of my latest acrylic works, and is quite different from my others, but I really like it.  Hopefully eventually it will find a good home.  My husband John named it because he said that it reminded him of Data Chips.    It is smaller than my other pieces, 30cm x 30cm and is painted on a stretched canvas. is the link on my website for Data Chips.

Below are the stages that this painting went through to get to the final image.
In stage 1, I started with a lot of black, red and blue, then added some neutral grey, making sure that there was quite a bit of texture.  I used a squeegee to apply the paint for this stage - one that's usual purpose is for cleaning windows.  It is a very handy tool for adding paint quickly to areas, and leaving bumps of texture.

When stage 1 had dried, I took out some areas with black, still using a squeegee.  I think it looks very dramatic.

Added some more blue and red to some areas, sometimes using squeegee, and other using my brayer. The brayer is another excellent tool for adding paint.  It leave quite different marks to the squeegee.

In this stage, using bray and squeegee, I added some green, blue, red and more grey.   Then I took it outside to an old table, and spattered green and yellow paint.  It is starting to look quite interesting.

More spattering with different colours, mostly red.   I love adding red as it always brings a painting to life.

More paint added it various ways.  Sometimes with brayer, other times with a paint brush or the brayer.  Still more spattering.    The colour looks a bit different in this photo because it was taken at a different time of day.  Amazing what a difference the time of day makes to photography.   I find the best time is in the mornings.   This one was taken later in the afternoon.  I added a bit of crackle medium at this stage, but I don't think it worked properly because the paint underneath was too dry, but I dribbled some on, which left a ridge that I like.

It is getting close to being finished now, and I decided it needed some strong darks.  I used prussian blue with a little cobalt mixed in it and used a stencil to make the dark marks in this stage.

I added some black to some of the ridges, and it is really starting to take shape now.

The final stage.   I added more black to the x shape at the top, and decided to call it quits.   I really love the texture in this one.  I hope people find the different stages that the painting underwent in the process interesting.

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